2nd Year Media

I am a few weeks into my second year of Media studies at Sheffield Hallam and have started my new modules. One of which I chose which is Radio, something I am particularly interested in. I’m glad I chose this module because within the first seminar I was already taking part in a radio show with other students about our summer etc! I’m now working on a two-way interview which I’ll be putting together on my own radio show, about pressing issues, I think I may choose to base it on living in halls and nightmare housemates. Something a lot of second year students have encountered in their first year.

My News Module is also interesting, we have been exploring News Values while focusing on Galtung and Rouge. They believe news in structured rather than discovered and only told from certain angles. My final module is Media, Identities and Representations where we firstly talked about gender. This included gender politics and the real meaning of feminism. We also did some content analysis on a newspaper webpage, pulling apart the pictures and headlines.

So far I am enjoying my second year studying Media and look forward to the rest of the year while applying for my work placement year next year.


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