Analysing and evaluating my log

By conducting my Media log, I have come to realise that it relates to a few of the theories we have studied in the Audience module. Firstly, I feel my log relates to the ‘Two-Step Flow’ model in the way that opinion leaders are so easily able to persuade you to certain beliefs. I am a regular user of Twitter which is full of opinion leaders, all given a ‘tick’ to show that they are a verified celebrity. This puts our trust into them even more and makes us even more likely to be swayed by their opinion. My log shows that I used Twitter several times, all giving me an opportunity to see tweets by opinion leaders. When watching Making a Murderer, I used Twitter to see other peoples opinions on my program and will admit I was swayed by some of them, especially those with a ‘tick’. This proves that opinion leaders do have influence on my way of thinking, meaning the theory does have some truth. I also found that my reasons for consuming a lot of Media came under the Uses and Gratifications theory. For example the main reason for watching TV series was entertainment and information which both come under this theory. Therefore I feel every that every piece of media I consume, particularly television will be for a reason under this theory.

This assignment has made me realise how much of a role Media plays in my life and what aspects of the Media I rely on most. This includes the use of my smartphone for almost all parts of my life. When I need to check my timetable, or read emails, or speak to friends and family, or play games, or even check the time! So I have come to the conclusion that I rely on my smartphone most and couldn’t imagine how I’d function without it. This assignment has also made me realise that the Media influences our lives a lot in the way that we are constantly faced with advertisements, and the way social Media influences our beliefs. Our decisions are no longer ours, “I know that new film is crap because someone on Twitter said they went to see it and didn’t like it”, or “I need the new iPhone because the advert showed new features I can’t live without”. I am guilty for this, always wanting the newest technology and being persuaded through social media and adverts. Not only has this log made me think about my own use of Media, but other peoples including my friends. It has made me realise we are literally ‘followers’ to Media.

Overall I think I completed my log well, it outlines all the types of Media I consumed over the 72 hour period. It taught me about the types of Media I use, how much I rely on it and how it affects me. If I was to do this assignment again I might change the way I recorded the information because using my phone meant I was more likely to send a text or use another feature while recording the log, affecting the results. Next time I would do it the old fashioned way with a paper and pen. It may even be the log that has made me decide on that decision, it has told me I need to spend more time being productive and creative with my time. Read a book, draw a picture or do a sudoku puzzle (on paper not one of the apps!). Apart from this, I wouldn’t change anything and I feel it has been a successful experiment which I have taken a lot from.

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