Media City Trip

On Monday 8th February we went on a trip to Media City and thought I would share this experience. On arrival I could see already see some big names such as the BBC and ITV which made me excited to see more. We were lucky enough to be given a tour of the BBC which included a look at BBC Radio 6, The News Room and where they record for some radio dramas.

BBC Radio 6 is a music station which is able to play any music unlike BBC Radio 1 which must stick to chart music. They often have famous people presenting and shows such as The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show. It was fascinating to see the studio in real life and to learn how they broadcast radio. It also surprised me how much technology has shaped radio in the way that all songs are stored on a hard drive and can be easily be added to a playlist to play on the radio as opposed to using CDs. The News Room also surprised me in the way that behind the cameras there is much less space than I thought and also the area they film is made to look bigger on television through camera angles and the wide angle lens used.

Visiting the room where they record for radio dramas was very interesting because they still use a lot of objects for sound affects such as coconuts for horse shoes. I would have expected these to be generated by a computer but this method makes it sounds much more authentic. There were parts of the room with laminate flooring and others with carpet so that footsteps can sound different dependant on the scene. Also different rooms for different sounds affects, for example there is a room full of sponge on the ceiling and walls which means echoes are not heard when someone speaks. This can also help to create distance in voices if two people are suppose to be speaking from further away.

Overall I had a great experience at Media City and I would recommend it to anyone studying a Media based subject. In just a one hour tour I learnt a lot about the way that television and radio is broadcast by the BBC and feel this knowledge may help me further on in my course.




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