Findings from my Media log

I have now completed my 3 day Media log and will now discuss the findings from this. I conducted my log using the notes app on my phone and tried to make sure I recorded every bit of Media I consumed over the three days. What I did find to be a difficulty with this is when I don’t have my phone on me. For example when I leave it on charge or at the gym, this meant I had to make a mental note to record it later. But this ran the risk of me forgetting to record it and making my Media log inaccurate. Apart from this issue, it was quite easy to conduct the log because I had already made rules as to what counts as Media usage or not. 

My primary findings from the log were how much I watch TV programs on catch up over the internet as opposed to watching them live on television. I picked up that I especially used my iPad to watch many of these programs. I also realised that I sit through a lot of adverts during these programs which are a lot more than I expected. Another thing I have noticed is that the Media I consume is mainly digital which is something that is likely to be the same for many people in this day and age. The only non-digital Media I have logged is when I read some of NME magazine for 10 minutes on Monday. I am aware that it’s rare I read books but I am quite surprised by the fact in three days I only read one magazine for just 10 minutes. Apart from this I was expecting my primary findings to be that I watch most TV programs from my iPad on catch up because it is easy and convenient. I’ve also found I use my smart phone for a lot of things other than just phoning people because multiple functions have been converged into one small device.

I feel like this is a fairly ‘typical’ 3 days usage for me because I tried to capture a day from the weekend, a weekday with no university and a day of university. This allowed me to include most of the Media I consume within a whole week. But I have realised that some Media that would be included later on in the week wasn’t. For example I am set reading and work to do for the course at the beginning of the week which I tend to complete later in the week. I also didn’t use my phone as much as I usually do but this may be because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of recording and add it to the log. But when I think about how much Media I have used and consumed since putting together the log, I’ve realised it is similar to what was recorded.  This means that the log does reflect a ‘typical’ 3 days usage for me and I can evaluate it knowing it is accurate. 



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