The Media & Me

In my Media Audience seminar we have been discussing the role of Media in everyday life and ways that it impacts different aspects of our lives. One way of doing this is by listing the Media we use and how often we use it. Below are the tasks we were set to find out more about how much Media we consume. This is a good preparation for my Media log. 

My five most used mobile phone features/apps

Messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

My five most visited websites

Shuspace, Hotmail, eBay, Amazon, ASOS

My five most watched TV channels

Channel 4, e4, BBC 3, ITV1, ITV2

Your most-read newspaper and/or magazine


Your most listened to radio station

Absolute Radio

An advert you’ve seen recently

Making a Murderer advert on All 4

A recent news story that sticks to your mind

‘Man hit by train near Lowestoft’ (my home-town)

Write down how often (how many hours a day, or if less often, how many times a week/month etc) you do the following:

Use your mobile phone: 3/4 hours a day

Watch TV on a TV set: 0 hours a day

Watch TV via online or catch-up services: 1/2 hours a day

Watch DVDs/Blu-Rays: 3 hours a week

Watch films via online services: 10 hours a week

Watch films at the cinema: 3/4 hours a month

Listen to music: 2 hours a day

Read newspapers: 1 hour a month

Read magazine and comics: 1 hour a week

Read books: 1 hour a week

Use the internet: 3/4 hours a day

Play games: 1 hour a day

This is just a few tasks given for the first part of Media and Me. We also has other tasks such as discussing in pairs how our Media usage compares to when we were younger such as 13, 11, 7 and even 4 years old. This allowed us to compare and realise just how much we rely on Media in our lives. The following week we had some more tasks which told us more about our reliance on Media.

Write down any ways in which Media (in any form) impact the following aspects of your life:

University/study: Group on Facebook, writing a blog, using Google Drive, Powerpoint, Word Processor 

Paid Work: Applying for jobs online, digital CV, working on computers, using Internet and Word Processor

Socialising/friends: Social networking, texting, calling, Skype, online gaming with friends

Hobbies/sports/leisure: Wii sports, online games, arranging sports teams through social networking

Travel: Sat nav to find places easier, online booking, reserved seating, holiday deals online

What would be affected if I had my mobile phone taken away from me for a week?

  • I would never know the time
  • Couldn’t contact family and friends
  • Can’t put in earphones and listen to music
  • Wouldn’t know the weather for today
  • No alarm to wake me up every morning
  • Can’t catch up on TV I’ve missed 
  • Might miss out on a party/night out
  • Would have nothing to put in my pocket
  • Nothing to do in a waiting room
  • Miss out on the news 

These tasks made me think about how much Media has changed certain aspects of everyones life including mine. The impacts are actually very positive but from the second task I found out what it would mean if my mobile phone was taken away from me. Imagine if all Media was taken away, would the world crumble? We are all so reliant upon it, especially the technology side that it leaves me wondering just how much a person living in todays society would function without it. 


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