Preparing to conduct my Media log

Media is a vast subject, and to define it would be very difficult as shown on my last blog post. However for my log I need to know what to define as Media in order to note it down. It would be easy just to log when I watch television, but there is a lot more to it than that. We are faced with Media every time we walk out the door in the appearance of advertising and other signs. But should every sign we see be logged? There is also the case of using your phone to check the time every fifteen minutes which is an awful lot of logs for something so insignificant. I think the best way to deal with this is to work out rules for what can count and what doesn’t before I start the log. I think that mobile phone usage should only be logged when I have actually unlocked my phone because this means I am interacting with my phone and not just looking at the screen. Advertisements that catch my attention and I look at for more than five seconds should also be counted because they show effective use of advertisement, otherwise I think they shouldn’t. 

I will record my data using the note section of my mobile phone, but this will not count as my Media usage as I wouldn’t usually do this if I wasn’t conducting an experiment. I will ensure I type the correct time, date, type of Media and duration so it can easily be transferred onto my log table. I do not expect this task to be easy and I expect there to be some challenges along the way. For example when I am out with friends I may forget to log when I use my phone etc. But I will have to ensure that I remind myself because it is very important this log is accurate. I may also come across problems of knowing whether certain things should be logged despite making rules beforehand. Reading a menu in a restaurant or seeing a specials board may be a struggle to know whether to put it in my log so sometimes I may need to think about my rules and make a justified decision on the spot. 

Through doing this I expect to find out more about myself as a person. I already know that I am an active Media user but I don’t quite know to what extent. By logging all of my Media usage, I will find out just how much I rely on Media for my day-to-day activities and how I would cope if I didn’t have access to it. I feel like this will be a useful experience for me, and by comparing my results to friends I will find out who uses the most Media and for what reasons. I can then use this information to decide whether I need to make a difference to my life in terms of Media or whether it is fine the way it is. 


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