What is ‘Media’ ?

In my first Media Audiences seminar, we discussed what a definition would be for Media and each shared our idea on the board. This is a question that I find myself faced with almost once a week while studying a Media degree. “What are you studying?” “Media” “Oh and what does that involve?” “Erm…”. At first I freeze and think what actually is Media and what does it mean. Well I know that Media can be through broadcast, print and online so that is a start. It also gives us access to information, so I put these pieces of knowledge together into my own definition. My definition of Media is shown below. 

After looking at other definitions from the class, I realised I’d missed out on some vital information. Communication is a big part of Media which I had neglected completely. The way in which we communicate is now very much through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Another big part of Media is technology which allows the use of digital Media. There is also the audience itself and interaction that goes along with this.

Many of these words and phrases were used by other people in the class and I believe that every definition was correct. There is not only one but many different definitions for Media due to it being such a vast topic. 


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