2nd Year Media

I am a few weeks into my second year of Media studies at Sheffield Hallam and have started my new modules. One of which I chose which is Radio, something I am particularly interested in. I’m glad I chose this module because within the first seminar I was already taking part in a radio show … More 2nd Year Media

Media City Trip

On Monday 8th February we went on a trip to Media City and thought I would share this experience. On arrival I could see already see some big names such as the BBC and ITV which made me excited to see more. We were lucky enough to be given a tour of the BBC which included … More Media City Trip

The Media & Me

In my Media Audience seminar we have been discussing the role of Media in everyday life and ways that it impacts different aspects of our lives. One way of doing this is by listing the Media we use and how often we use it. Below are the tasks we were set to find out more … More The Media & Me

What is ‘Media’ ?

In my first Media Audiences seminar, we discussed what a definition would be for Media and each shared our idea on the board. This is a question that I find myself faced with almost once a week while studying a Media degree. “What are you studying?” “Media” “Oh and what does that involve?” “Erm…”. At … More What is ‘Media’ ?